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Get rid of the stuff dragging you down and start bringing in more light, love, and HAPPINESS! Just for today: do not anger; do not worry; be grateful for your many blessings; do your meditative & self-care work honestly; and be kind to every living thing (including yourself!).Oh so simple! And yet, the inner-work of a lifetime.

The Secret Art of Happiness - Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals - Geneva Robins M.Sc.

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Hey there, Geneva here!

I’m rebuilding this site it from scratch. So if you’re looking for something and it’s not here, that’s why. 🙂

I’ll add all the awesome stuff back in as I go.
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Geneva Robins

Creative Mad Genius with Spirituality and Helping People Change their Lives

I’m very grateful to help others for a living. I absolutely love Reiki and it has totally transformed my life.

Best selling books

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18 Apr 2021

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